Cruise Vessel Facilities

East Port Area Capitalizing on the beautiful panorama of the Kanmon Strait, development has been proceeding on the refreshing and calming waterfront.
With "The Entire Channel Makes a Theme Park" as its basic concept, development is underway of both a refreshing and calming waterfront area which will integrate various functions such as culture, education, tourism, commerce, trade, events, etc. In April 2001, "Kaikyokan" (Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum) opened.
There is also an international passenger terminal that has facilities for 50,000G/T passenger ships. It is used as a port of call for round Japan voyages as well as deep water survey research ships and various sailing ships.

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Wharf Name Facility Name Length
Water Depth
Mooring Capacity
Dead Weight
Arcaport Arcaport Berth 335 -12.0 50,000 1

Overview of East Port Area

Kaikyokan(Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum)

Karato Market

Tourism resources and commercial facilities in the Karato district, situated on the East side of the Shimonoseki Port Waterfront Area, bring to life an aspect of Shimonoseki. The development will emphasize the historical role of the Karato Market, which made this area a centre of food culture, as well as its new position of handing down this culture to coming generations, while transmitting it to the outside world at the same time. The new Karato Market, a major access point for new food culture opened in April 2001 and KAMONWHARF, Shimonoseki Fisherman's Wharf, which opened in April 2002, have become big tourist attractions along with the Kaikyokan, Shimonoseki Marine Science Museum. Also, an excursion boat operates from Karato Pier to Ganryujima Island, the site of the famous duel which is believed to have taken place in the early 17th century between two famous swordsmen, Miyamoto Musashi and Sasaki Kojiro.

Asuka entering the Arcaport Berth

Ganryujima Island